The Basic Equipment You Need To Get You Started

 The Basic Equipment for Embroidery! 

To be honest we all get a little carried away with crafting accessories… don’t we?!

This is my super basic equipment list for a new embroidery creator. These items you’ll probably already have around the house or maybe you can borrow form a friend or pick up in the local charity/thrift store. I’ll also give and alternative for the more advanced embroidery enthusiast!

I hope you find this post useful, let me know below what you think and what your embroidery basics are, make sure to give me a follow!


Grab that old white cotton T-shirt that you have been meaning to make into rags or recycle. This will work well when you start out! You could also try the plain t-towel from the kitchen or a pair of jeans, use your imagination. You don’t want to use anything that is synthetic or silky as these fabrics often contain elastic or are just slippery, this make embroidering on them tricky. 

If you don’t mind spending some money, I’ve been using the embroidery fabric from amazon. I like it, but it does have a tendency to fray. This fabric is nice as the weave of the fabric allows the needle to easily go through it, however I have found if you pull too hard on the thread you can open up little holes in the fabric. DMC also have some good fabric, the even weave works really well for embroidery, I like the 28 weave. 


Again, lets be honest, any old needle you have is better than none! You will just have to adjust the thickness of the thread you will be using to fit through the eye of the needle. 

You can pick up a pack of embroidery needles for relatively cheap approx £2-£3. This will give you a good quality set of needles, they normally have a good variety of sizes and thicknesses for any project!


Now this is the bit where spending a little money on really does pay off. You can buy a whole set of different colours from somewhere like Amazon or Ebay pretty cheaply. These threads are inconstant colors, can fade and overall aren’t always great quality. Having said that, they are cheap and will work!

Buying DMC threads can be expensive, but they are constant colours and much better quality. You can find them for around 70p per skien from places like lakeside needle craft (UK). You can often find these threads in charity shops for a bargain price, so its always worth looking out for!

I’ve been trying both the cheaper and more expensive flosses and you can tell the difference in my opinion. However, the cheap floss is a great place to start.


Again, this is another way to save when starting out because really any old pair of scissors will do. I’ve been known to use a pair of kitchen scissors in a pinch! 

You will find that a pair of embroidery scissors is useful once you get more into the hobby. With the thin blades its much easier to snip in tight places, but you dont HAVE to have them!


Last of all, a hoop. This is really important and will hold your fabric tight and can be used to display your final master piece! They aren’t too expensive approx £5, you’ll be able to get a good deal if you buy a pack or in bulk. 

I find a range of sizes are really useful, but I probably use a 8/10inch the most. But for gifts, Xmas decorations or small projects, I really like 4inch hoops. I find the wooden ones work fine for me, if you’re feeling fancy you can get plastic non slip ones too. 

Tell me about your embroidery basic must have’s in the comments below, have I missed anything out?

5 thoughts on “The Basic Equipment You Need To Get You Started

  1. I have been wanting to try embroidery for a long time. Thanks for the basic supplies list and hint about fabric, I look forward to more beginner posts!

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